What is an Intention Candle and how do you use it?

A great question! Intention candles are used to manifest your desires and to keep your goals top of mind.

Good Intentions Candles are formulated with 100% soy wax, clean fragrance oils infused with essential oils, and 100% cotton wicks. Each candle comes with a positive affirmation on the label to help you remember to control your narrative and keep your Good Intentions top of mind.

We have different candles for different intentions:

- Grounding Intention Candle: Grounding embodies the richness of the earth and the lightness of the air with notes of fir, white birch, and blood orange to instantly give you a feeling of peace and centering. The scent is earthy, rich, and elegant with the lightness of a fresh breeze.

- Love Intention Candle: Love is truly a floral dream with notes of rose, jasmine, sage, and lilac. This scent is a spring time staple, and brings the feeling of fresh cut roses from the farmers market right into your living room. Rose & jasmine have been said to help with feelings of love and confidence while reducing feelings of depression. 

- Abundance Intention Candle: Abundance is a deep, rich, and masculine scent with prominent notes of palo santo, sandalwood, and amber. Palo Santo is a tree native to South America, and is traditionally used to clear negative energy and promote feelings of positivity. This candle is woodsy, elegant, and deep yet clean and refreshing.

- Clarity Intention Candle: Clarity is a fresh, light, citrusy, feminine scent with notes of neroli, blood orange, bergamot, and jasmine. The mix of feminine floral, fresh citrus, and deep sandalwood and vanilla combine to make a beautiful fresh and clean scent to promote mental clarity.


Choose your intention candle based on what you are trying to accomplish. Like I said above, I choose a different candle almost daily, depending on what I'm needing that day :)